Friday, 17 January 2014

Homework for 17/1/14

Homework 17/1/14:
1) English blog comment on Ms Lam`s post regarding the different extracts (due: next el lesson)
2) Maths algebra factorization ws and textbook page 35 (due: next tuesday)
3) Chinese textbook, 预习 for the next chapter (due: next mon)
4) IH 1A + 1B e-journals and complete your group's mind map if u haven't. (due: next tuesday)
5) Science homework worksheet (due when ms tan finishes teaching the topic of reflection)
6) ADMT video critique if you guys hvnt completed it yet (due: next mon)
7) IRS/ISS research on topic (due: next Tuesday)
8) and for class decoration, could you guys write ur wish on a post-it note and bring it on monday? it can be any colour. (e.g. of a wish could be, "be happy" or "do well for 2014")
Please comment if i missed out anything. Have a good weekend ahead :)

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